About The Bench News

The Bench News is an online newspaper that provides local news coverage to Western Niagara communities.

The publication focuses on Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln, and the communities of Beamsville, Smithville, Jordan Station and Vineland. However, it also provides relevant coverage on our neighboring communities of Pelham, Winona (Stoney Creek), and Wainfleet.

The Bench News was created by entrepreneur Andy Walker and his wife Kay Walker, both who moved to a Grimsby in the summer of 2019.

Andy has a long career in news, marketing, and creating web businesses. He was the business brains behind TomorrowsGasPriceTopday.com which was sold to GasBuddy.com in 2014.

Andy has a long career as a journalist working for the Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Province, Toronto Sun and Toronto Star (as a columnist). He has written for dozens of magazines and newspapers over the years. He was a television host on the internationally syndicated TV show Call for Help on G4techTV, a specialty technology channel. He has written five books and was honored with the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal in 2013 for his work in technology literacy and pioneering work in science and technology journalism.

Andy’s business partner and wife Kay Walker is a New York Times bestselling book collaborator. She is also working to bootstrap the new venture as editor of special sections. She’s taking on editing regional events first and then will be focusing on wine, food, and home and gardens as the business expands.

The web property is owned and operated by the Walkers’ Ontario registered company Cyberwalker Media Inc.

Andy Walker is the Publisher and Editor. He works with a dedicated team of freelancers and local contributors. If you are interested in submitting story ideas, press releases, or news tips, please email [email protected].

If you are a freelance journalist (photographer or reporter) who is interested in working with The Bench News, please send an email outlining your experience to Andy Walker via [email protected].

Additional email contact information is available on our contact page.

About Cyberwalker Media Inc.

Cyberwalker Media Inc. is a private Ontario registered company owned by Andy Walker and Kay Walker. It owns a digital marketing agency at http://cyberwalker.com and operates niche websites including WarehouseIQ.com, WrenchIQ.com, SoursopStore.com, SoursopStore.ca, QuoteHamster.com, and numerous other specialty information websites.